Spirits 100% Cotton Dish Towel

Spirits 100% Cotton Dish Towel

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Spirits – and a little owl who watches over them – a wonderful set of eight illustrations on one cotton dish towel featuring the spirits in a whole series of emotions.

This charming vintage illustration was printed on cocktail napkins by Leacock & co, a madeira wine producing company whose history on the island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean goes back to 1741.

The company, which established offices in New York in 1924, also imported linen and hired talented artists to create humorous images for napkins and other table items. 

Tastes changed, however. Fewer people had formal dinners at home, and paper napkins replaced linen ones. Department stores, which stocked Leacock linens, closed.

The company went out of business in the 1980s but thankfully, some of its wonderful images survive.

100% Cotton 19x29" Kitchen-towels.

Super soft and absorbent.


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