Louis Sherry, New York 1884 Cotton Kitchen Towel

Louis Sherry, New York 1884 Kitchen Towel

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This is a very fine hand-colored menu card with gilt edge from an unrecorded social event, catered by Louis Sherry on Sunday, January 27, 1884. Provenance: William R.  Grace (1832-1904), two-term Mayor of New York City.

Around 1880, with $1,300 of savings, Louis Sherry launched his first restaurant in New York City at 38th Street and Sixth Avenue. The new establishment struggled a bit at first, but Sherry's knack for "dainty decorations" and the "novelties of service" won a following from New York's social elite. In a short time, Sherry upgraded to a larger (and more prestigious) location at 37th Street and Fifth Avenue. But even that location proved too small, and again the business upgraded to 44th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Courtesy Henry Voigt Collection

19x29" 100% Cotton Kitchen towel.

Super soft and absorbent.

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