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The End Of Room Service?

New York's biggest hotel, the Midwtown Hilton, has announced that it is to discontinue Room Service to its 2000 rooms. The New York Times reports that the service will end in August 2103 and traces the origins back to the Waldorf-Astoria in the 1930s. We think it'll be a very sad day when you can't call up from your hotel room and order a burger and champagne after midnight! Here are a couple of Cool Culinaria's room service menus - first from Las Vegas, The Aladdin Hotel & Casino: And from 1936 Washington D.C. - The Willard Hotel's comprehensive Room Service Wine List: And a little bonus, The Marx Brothers "Room Service"

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In Praise Of Breakfast

We are big fans of breakfast and we're always on the lookout for really great breakfast menus. The Breakfast Autocrat and The Bismarck Hotel menu covers, both of which feature anthropomorphized eggs, are among our best sellers. The boldly colored Martin Bros. with its egg-yolk yellow background and cock-a-doodling chicken also regularly features in our top ten list list. It’s so cheerful. It makes you want to get going and start the day.   Author Seb Emina, who writes a blog about our first meal of the day under his alter ego Malcolm Eggs, has written a great history of the breakfast in his book "The Breakfast Bible". Along with ways to time your boiled egg to perfection – by...

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Latest Additions: Alamo Plaza, Shrimp in Shorts and Marine Bar

Three great new 'creatures' have been added to the always expanding Cool Culinaria collection. A gun-totin' cockerel from Chattanooga's Alamo Plaza; a five-handed 'shrimp in shorts' from a St Regis Restaurant in New Orleans and a fantastic fish from Santa Catalina's Marine Bar. All fantastic examples of great illustration and timeless design. Alamo Plaza Shrimp in Shorts Marine Bar

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48 Gallons of Coffee per person per year in 1946 to $47.50 Frappuccinos in 2013

There are a lot of coffee stories in the news today and our favorite is Beau Chevassus’s great video of going into a Starbucks in Washington and ordering the world’s most expensive frappuccino. It costs $47.50. Watch the video here at Boing Boing There’s also an interesting report on MarketWatch which claims that we’re only drinking half the amount of coffee that we did 50 or 60 years ago. In 1946, when America’s thirst for coffee peaked, each of us swallowed about 48 gallons a year on average, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture - more than twice current consumption. Susan Hayward and Bill Williams in Deadline at Dawn (1946) Jeremy Olshan says Americans way back then drank coffee...

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