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In Praise Of Breakfast

We are big fans of breakfast and we're always on the lookout for really great breakfast menus. The Breakfast Autocrat and The Bismarck Hotel menu covers, both of which feature anthropomorphized eggs, are among our best sellers. The boldly colored Martin Bros. with its egg-yolk yellow background and cock-a-doodling chicken also regularly features in our top ten list list. It’s so cheerful. It makes you want to get going and start the day.


Author Seb Emina, who writes a blog about our first meal of the day under his alter ego Malcolm Eggs, has written a great history of the breakfast in his book "The Breakfast Bible". Along with ways to time your boiled egg to perfection – by listening to particular songs – it’s a fount of information about other people’s breakfast habits.

Elvis Presley, for example, went all out with a monster breakfast that often comprised six large eggs cooked in butter with extra salt, one pound of bacon and a half pound of sausages. On other mornings he’d have his beloved peanut butter and banana fried sandwiches.

Charles Dickens liked a liquid breakfast - two tablespoons of rum flavored with cream – and the author of Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and more often featured breakfasts in his novels. The frightening character Mr Qulip in The Old Curiosity Shop “devoured giant prawns with their heads and tails on “ and drank boiling tea straight from the spout of a kettle.

The breakfast cereal cornflakes, which were invented in 1895, came about because the American inventor John Harvey Kellogg was looking for a food that would help people stick to the vegetarian diet advocated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, of which he was an enthusiastic member.

There’s fascinating stuff about James Bond’s breakfast habits in the Ian Fleming novels – sometimes he would have a Prairie Oyster – a raw egg mixed with Worcestershire sauce and seasoned with salt and black pepper, along with a couple of aspirins – and sometimes he would have a boiled egg – timed to three minutes and 20 seconds exactly- with whole meal toast and coffee.

There are some great quotes by famous people about breakfast.  some people just like to be left alone while they gear up to start the day. The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was known to have a whisky and soda and a cigar in the mornings, said: “My wife and I tried two or three times in the last 40 years to have breakfast together. It was so disagreeable we had to stop.”

The Breakfast Bible by Seb Emina and Malcolm Eggs