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100 Year Old Menus Hang On Walls Of Modern Chicago Restaurant

Here at Cool Culinaria, we've always known that vintage menus are works of art, decorative enough to hang on a wall like any other painting or print.

So we were happy to read about Chicago restaurateur Emmanuel Nony who owns some beautiful vintage French menus that had been handed down through generations of his family but which had been languishing in storage for years.

A few weeks ago, he decided to dust them off and hang them on the walls of his Michelin-starred French restaurant Sepia. Mr Nony, who was brought up in the French countryside and who had an international culinary career before finally settling in Chicago, says the menus which date from between 1897 and 1912 are treasured possessions. 

“When my grandmother passed away, my mom gave them to me because she knows I love anything vintage,” he  told Crain's Business . He describes them as “really ornamental and really lovely.”

“They all have different styles,” Mr. Nony said. “But they're all really, really pretty and have lots of character.”

The menus have been well-received by patrons of his restaurant, he adds.

We've never been to Mr Nony's restaurant but it sounds like he and Cool Culinaria share a common aesthetic. On the Sepia website, it says the restaurateur believes in timeless design and blending the past with the present. Our thoughts exactly.

And here's Sepia's very stylish website